Working with Denise

It's YOUR Event



We never forget why we are there: to entertain YOUR guests. We play to suit the crowd and venue. That means never blasting the volume to ear-splitting levels and sending people running out of the room -- we know there are times they want to talk! When the mood shifts and energy gets into high gear, we know how to bring people to their feet!  Check out some of our theme sets  

Solo act or Full Band



Denise can carry the event on her own expertly; if you only have a small corner and want that magic of live music, Denise brings the sound of an entire band. She plays 4 instruments; you'd be amazed at the range of sounds that she can produce all on her own. 


But for other events, the full band is needed to do the job. Why don't you click here to meet the band?

Corporate Events, Weddings, Restauarants, Bars, we do it all!


We can play to suit any audience. We dress to suit the occasion and venue, we will make announcements, carry the evenings events along nicely and make guests feel comfortable. Denise and her band bring warmth and class to any event. And when it's time to really rock the joint, you can count on them to bring it!