Denise at La Castile

May 2015

For a month, to fill in for their regular act, Denise Fex played the upscale lounge at La Castile, one of the few remaining venues in Mississauga for true lounge entertainment. Denise is thrilled to announce a return in 2016 to her dream venue!


Fun with Bacardi!

May 20 2015

Denise performed at Bacardi's annual national convention on Tuesday May 12th at the wonderful renown Mercatto Taverna in downtown Toronto. Guests enjoyed her music and wthe excellent food while they watched the mixologists creating all the Bacardi concoctions! Denise's favourit? Mint infused Mojito!!


Denise Helps People Connect at Networking Events - call us for your next one!

March 15, 2013

Denise understands how important it is to break the ice and bring personality to a networking event. She gets the needs of businesses to make that connection and she can really help create a fun and energizing atmosphere. She can MC and provide great banter in between speeches and pitches too! 

Listen to an interview with Denise

Listen to a repeat Podcast of Denise's personal and heartfelt radio interview and performace on Faith FM 94.3, Kitchener, Ont. Streamed live: 

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