Empowered at any age....Denise Proves it


Not only does Denise Fex sing, she plays guitar, saxaphone and keyboards. And she believes anyone can do what their heart calls on them to do...


One day, Denise had a clear epiphany:  We are all destined to find our complete selves. In fact, this plan is pretetermined; it's in the blueprint that is our DNA.  And it is only fulfilled when we contribute in our own powerful way. It becomes obvious when you choose to listen to that tiny voice and let it be heard. We have all heard it, telling us our misison on this planet. Some of us ignore that voice, pushing it down, draining our energy, and we find ourselves motivated by false things. But when you heed that message, when you stop letting it be drowned out by noise, you will find that life can be heaven on earth!


Years of experience combined with insight led Denise to forge a vision: that every woman can empower herself to live her best life by acting out on that sense of purpose that has so much power to drive us if we let it - suddenly it seems like no work at all!


How? When these three things come together: 1. Our passion for something, 2. Our natural skills, and 3. Preparation. Sure, it requires courage: letting go of security in order to follow your dreams.  But what is the gain if you don't? Not only are you incomplete but others around you could be as well. Ask yourself: What is my contribution to the world?  In what way will I happily give freely of myself without expecting anything in return? And listen to the answer. 

Denise and her husband and bandmate Terry Moore.

A Purpose-Driven Life!

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Denise's Non-Profit Anti-Bullying Music Festival!

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Terry Moore

Terry is not only the guitar player and male vocalist for the band, he is also Denise's husband

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